Bridge Readers™ - bridging the gap between learning to read and reading to learn

Bridge Readers are easier to read and are ideal for keen but weaker readers, SEN, catch-up reading, guided reading and those learning English as a second language.  The text is printed in a larger font and is on matt cream paper - ideal for dyslexic readers.  Sentences and chapters are nice and short, with no idiom or complex language.  Ideal for Years 4 - 8 (reading level 3).  Moon Chase is the first, the second, Moon Crossing, is on its way.  Moon Chase has also been recommended by The English Association for SEAL and PSE (see our Reviews). Listen to an extract of Moon Chase here...

003_chapter three_seeing is believing.mp3

Moon Chase Bridge Reader extract.pdf Moon Chase Bridge Reader extract.pdf
Size : 146.58 Kb
Type : pdf

...and for TEACHERS.......There's also a Teacher's Workbook with a free audio CD, packed full of activities and ideas to support those who still find reading a bit of a struggle.  With photocopiable worksheets, questions begin at Level 1 (Blanks) and move to L4 as the workbook progresses (see sample sheets below). These books are also great for youngsters with autism. You can order via this website, or down load an order form for school discountsFor school orders click on the button below (discounts apply!).

Moon Chase Teachers workbook Extracts.pdf Moon Chase Teachers workbook Extracts.pdf
Size : 308.521 Kb
Type : pdf

Order the audio CD narrated by the brilliant Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch). Excellent for supporting readers...or just for the simple joy of being read to! £12.99 OR get your free copy when you order the Teacher's Workbook

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