Cathy Farr

Cathy Farr has always loved stories; listening to them, reading them and writing them. She lives in South Wales with her husband and, until recently, her Irish Wolfhound, Finn, who  provided much of the inspiration for the magnificent Fellhounds that play such a big part in her books. Finn was 9ft long nose to tail and weighed almost fifteen stone.  Happily there is now another wolfhound in Cathy's life - Mojo.  Nearly as tall as the kitchen units, he's 96kg - just about the same as Finn, and just as gentle! Cathy stands 5ft 7inches tall but her weight remains a closely guarded secret.  


Cathy Farr is a member of the Society of Authors; she is also on the Literature Wales Writers on Tour list

Here's a recent interview Cathy did for The Bookbag:

Take a look at what Cathy's been up to recently:

Cathy has now started Book Three - Ghost Moon!

'We were lucky enough to have  Cathy Farr to talk to Years 5, 6 & 7. Cathy an incredibly kind and knowledgeable lady who shared with us her passion for writing, how she does it and why she got into it. We all learnt huge amounts, about both writing and Irish Wolfhounds! Several children purchased the book and already assure me that it is a compelling read. Cathy’s visit was clearly enjoyed and Year 7 pupil, Maddie said ‘I really want to be an author now; she is inspiring.St Johns on the Hill, Chepstow


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