Welcome to the home of the Fellhounds of Thesk  

Come inside and meet the Fellhounds and their creator, me, Cathy Farr

'Getting lost in a really great book is just the best thing.  I read because I want to know what happens in the end...and I write for exactly the same reason.'

Wraithe Wolves - the most efficient predators you will ever have the misfortune to meet

 ............. And take a look at the new Bridge Readers page.  Moon Chase has been adapted for those who still find reading a bit of a struggle - there's a Teacher's Workbook and an audio CD,too!

You can order Moon Chase and Moon Crossing, and the Bridge Reader set from this website

Listen to Cathy's recent interview with RNIB Talking Books, in which she talks about writing, wolfhounds and her new Bridge Reader book.... 

Cathy Farr.mp3

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